Apex Pure Maple Wood Bats 4 Sale  
Apex Hawk BBCOR.50 Pro Maple with High Performance Carbon Sleeving Composite Wood Bat

Just the Best Wood for Demanding Baseball Players
Save on durable pro stock maple & composite wood baseball bats for
Serious Baseball Players, Teams, and League
Apex Maple Hawk 3 Month Warranty BBCOR.50 Approved
High Strength Carbon Sleeving allows Perfect Flex and Explosive Batted Ball Exit Speed
Apex High Performance baseball bat  M243 Large 2.60 inch Barrel Built for Performance
M243 with .95 Handle 2.61 Barrel

M110 with 1.00 Handle and 2.53 Barrel
M271 with .94 Handle and 2.50 Barrel
Apex Carbon Sleeve High Performance
Maple BBCOR Wood Bat 243
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Apex Carbon Sleeve High Performance
Maple BBCOR Wood Bat 110
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Apex Carbon Sleeve High Performance
Maple BBCOR Wood Bat 271
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High Performance M110 1 inch Handle Medium 2.52 inch Barrel Built for Performance

High Performance M243 .95 inch Handle X-Large 2.61 inch Barrel Big Barrel Performance
High Performance M271 .94 Handle Large 2.50 inch Barrel Pure Balance for Performance

Apex Diamond Carbon Wrap Hawk Maple Baseball Bat
Made to Withstand Todays Baseball Environment

High Strength Carbon Sleeve Allows Bat Flex where its Needed
 Creating Higher Batted Ball Exit Speed
 If an Apex bat does break the Carbon sleeving helps to keep the bat from shattering
Making a Safer Playing Environment

Model 243, 271 and 110 Carbon Sleeving (Diamond Wrap) 22 inches up the one piece all maple wood handle added Flex made

for Batted Ball Bat Energy Displacement with a 90 day warranty with replacement within that time period. The Apex White Hawk Maple Baseball Bat is a one piece solid maple bat with a Medium Flared Handle, a Large Rock Hard Grain Aligned Maple Wood Barrel with our patented Diamond Wrap Carbon Sleeve for added strength and durability. The Hawk Bat is
first turned on a modern CNC Lath then the Patented Carbon Sleeve is applied under our Vacuum High Pressure Alignment
System to Guarantee Perfect adhesion to the the American Hard Rock Maple, and then the bat is turned to its final dimensions 
and finished with a Diamondair Aircraft Quality Paint for added durability and Batted Ball Exit Speed.


BBCOR.50 Certified USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Shipping 3 month warranty
Available in 32", 33", (33.5 in M243 only) & 34" with an approximate -3oz drop weight.


Starz Bat Grip that helps increase batted ball exit speed


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Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over as these bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the
Northwest Independent Baseball League
22 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.